True Leaders Inspire Greatness

Time to inspire greatness in others

I am not a great leader but neither am I a great follower. I am me. I believe true leaders inspire greatness and do not seek followers but seek to share their knowledge and create more leaders.

With so many messages being shared every day, I sometimes find it a little overwhelming what messages I can absorb and which ones I can over look. I love being inspired. I love positive words. I love being challenged. I love being accepted – flaws and all. These messages are what I share with my little family of six so in that way I suppose I am a leader too.

Family leaders inspire greatness

I have four children aged between 11 years – 17 years old. It is my job, as their mum to inspire them to lead the best possible life they can. It is my job to lead them through the hard times in life, celebrate the good times and encourage greatness in each of them. As a leader, I want my children to one day say “It is because of mum that I never gave up.” 

Everything I do is a result of wanting to be a great leader for my children.  I have made many mistakes along the way, some I am not very proud of. But they are my mistakes and I have taken ownership of them. My children have been taught there is no such thing as a perfect person, and there is no right or wrong way to live your own life. Every person has the right to express their opinion just like every person has the right to disagree.

Friendships can inspire greatness

It’s the people we surround ourselves with who can influence our thinking the most. Friends should encourage you, making you feel like your voice is worthy to be heard. Friends should inspire you to be a better person because they want only the best for you. Friends should be accepting of your similarities and also your differences.

Strangers can inspire greatness

Online influences are becoming more powerful than ever and for the younger generations, these are the people who hold the greatest influence. Rightly or wrongly, strangers can be our most powerful ally but can also be our greatest downfall. And it’s these online influences who should be encouraging the next leaders of this world to be better and more inspirational than the next.

Recently I have witnessed an online influencer use their power to generate a dark negativity because someone dared disagree with their words. A true leader would have:

listened to those around them.

learned from what they heard.

accepted the differences.

and rejected the negatively.

It’s young people like Emma Gonzalez who has inspired greatness in so many young and not so young people. Her speech recently after another mass shooting in America still gives me shivers.

inspire greatness
inspire greatness
inspire greatness

Who do you look at in your life as a true leader?

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