Friendships Matter

I have your back

Sometimes we need to remind people just how much they mean to us. How often have you noticed that friend who is silently sitting in the corner but screaming for you to be that friend who sees their pain? Have you ever told someone ‘You have their back’.

That friend can be:

When a child has a bad day and they can turn to their parents for support. When you have a bad day and you turn to that friend knowing you will get support. If someone close to you pushes you away because they are drowning and want to drown alone, will you be that friend to let them know You have their back‘.

“One of my favourite friendship matters quotes”

Will you have my back?

When life is difficult, determined to get me down will you be that friend who has my back?

Some days there is no time to share, time to listen or time to learn, will you still be there for me?

When mistakes are made, and shame follows, will you be the one in my corner holding me up?

When the laughs are free and growing up is like a challenge, will you be that silly friend by my side?

Will you be that friend that understands why I can feel lonely when I am surrounded by love?

Are you that friend for someone?

Have an awesome day.

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