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To change or create anything in life, you first need to be conscious of what you are thinking now.




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Mindset Coaching is NOT therapy. We start from today and focus on what you want from this moment on






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” The first thing that came to me when I opened the workbook was….STOP, go slow and work out who you are. The issues in my life may not change, but my attitudes and perceptions can. If I gain a better understanding of myself, and a vision of where I  want to go, I can not only help myself but my family too.”
Virginia Taylor


I knew I needed something to change the way I was thinking. When I took the ‘Discover Your Inner Happiness’ course, I was a little nervous that all my flaws would be magnified. But instead it was eye opening as it was about me. I was honest with myself for the first time and can now see how I will get to my perfect place.

Charlotte Murphy

Retail Assistant

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Mindset Training

Mindset Training #1

Start With Your Story. Your story is your life from your own perspective. This is factual and cannot be changed. Explore the way to see your story. If it is no longer serving you, change the way you think about your story. This you have control over.

Mindset Training #2

Know Your Purpose. Not everyone is blessed with a deep understanding of who they are meant to be. Life takes turns and often we follow the path we have always been on. When you start to make deliberate decisions to find & live your purpose, your path will also take a different turn.

Mindset Training #3

Mindset Training #3

The Power of Asking for Help. Many women find asking for help as a sign of weakness. In fact it is the opposite of weakness. It is a sign that you believe in yourself and you have the courage to want more in your life.

Mindset Training #4

The two most powerful words are ‘I AM…”. I am set the intention for each day.

I AM opens you up to ANY opportunity.

I AM not closes the door with gigantic bang.

Mindset Training #5

What is your reality? People respond to perception, not to reality. Many people know what they want but are not willing work hard to get it because their perception is they do not have the right resources.

Mindset Training #6

Mindset Training #6

Who is responsible for your emotions? Most people look outside themselves when it comes to controlling emotions. An emotion is any feeling you experience that moves through your body. ALL emotions are caused by the thoughts we have in our head.

Mindset Training #7

The Victim Mentality. The Victim mentality isn’t a sign of weakness, it is often a conditioned thought that began years ago. The day you open up and admit that you are not perfect, is the day you take back your own power.

Mindset Training #8

Modern Meditation for Beginners. Take a moment to pause, breath, sit and watch your mind without over thinking if you’re doing it right. The mind has over 60,000 thoughts per day and these thoughts can be the reason stress occurs. Meditation is like exercise for the mind.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Gandhi


“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day, someone might do the same for you.”

– Princess Diana


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs

Keep Yourself Accountable

Try using daily affirmations to keep yourself accountable and stay on top of life. Try some of these.



You don’t have to be PERFECT to be AMAZING



Happiness is found when you finally stop comparing yourself to everyone else.



Failure is learning. Persistence is achieving.

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional
Happiness Depends on ourselves





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