When should you trust

your instincts?

That gut feeling – trust your instincts!!

When I was a teenager, I often got a sixth sense about things but very rarely would I listen to it. I was too impatient to listen to my inner voice and I if it meant I wasn’t going to have fun – I would squash that little voice with a hammer. I didn’t understand what trust your instincts meant and why something deep inside me would be talking to me anyway.

As I have grown and matured (just a little) my ability to trust my instincts is very strong and very powerful. I believe in the power of my instincts as I believe the body, mind and soul are all connected to help us thrive in life. The connection between the Body, Mind & Soul influences the life we choose to live. The mind has thoughts that cause the emotions the body feels, while the soul communicates to us through our emotions – soul being the inner essence of you.

As an NLP Practitioner, I believe that our feelings are caused by our thoughts – and our thoughts are a choice. Feelings are like signals given to the body to help you understand how to interpret the world around you. Your instincts are just feelings in your body telling you the environment you are in may not serve you. It’s like a little warning but so many of us never listen to the warning.


The less your mind accepts what the body is saying – through feelings which is like the essence of you – the more you may continue to fight & react to negative emotions. Often negative emotions are a way of telling your mind to get in tune with the rest of you but the mind is so powerful and hates to be wrong, that ignoring instincts is the easiest way to go.

As adults, most of us want our children to always trust that inner voice inside. Children can be taught about what that funny feeling you get inside is like an inner voice talking to you and you should always trust what it says. If you learn to trust your gut feeling from a young age, then as you get older, you will not abuse it and make excuses to not do things. You will actually trust your subconscious, believe in yourself and avoid things that do not feel right. The worst case scenario is your instincts were wrong.

I have explained to my children about interpreting that funny feeling they may get in their stomach before they are about to do something. As they are getting older, I want them to always trust that feeling as it may be the only thing that saves them.

Here are some situations when you should trust your instincts:

  1. When you think you may be in danger. Logical huh? Well, too often people don’t listen to that inner, nervous voice. Walking home from a party late at night. Sitting on a train carriage on your own. An unusual car sitting out the front of your house. Hearing funny noises outside then going to check. I have told my children if they think something is wrong or they are feeling nervous about a situation or person – trust that feeling and react accordingly.
  2. When you need help. That overwhelming feeling that everything is about to come crashing down on you because life is out of control. Ask for help. People actually like to feel needed and most times want to help. If your instincts are screaming you are about to have a breakdown, ask for help. Too often people wait until they are in a mess, laying on the bathroom floor before finally listening to themselves and getting the help required.
  3. First impressions count. I make a strong effort not to judge people I don’t know but if my instincts are warning me – I listen. Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t like someone when you met them? Often there is a reason and it doesn’t always have to be that the person is an axe murderer or rapist. It might simply be your personalities will clash and in the end, you will constantly be hurt. It might be they are a controlling person and get you at a weak moment. Trust first impressions without judgement.
  4. When it comes to your children. If you think your child is sick – trust your instincts. If you think your child is different and struggling at school or socially but you can’t put your finger on it, take the steps to find out what it could possibly be. If you wake in the middle of the night and you feel like you need to check your baby – do it. The worst thing that can happen by trusting your instincts is you are wrong.
  5. When it comes to those who actually care about you. Sometimes we can be blinded by reality and cannot see beyond what we want to see. Our mind is so powerful that it can create a reality that may not be beneficial to you. When someone who cares about you is trying to warn you and your instincts are screaming they are right but your heart (and mind) are fighting back screaming they are wrong, believe that inner voice. They usually have your best interests at heart.

When do you trust your instincts?

Love Always

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