What lies do you tell yourself

truthfully every day?

What lies do you tell yourself truthfully every day?

We tell ourselves lies every day… often created when we were very little. These lies become our beliefs and they served us at some stage in life. They may have served us for protection or for growth. So I ask you the question… what lies do you tell yourself and are they still serving you today?

Do you tell yourself you are not good enough?
Do you judge another person’s mood and make it about you?
Do you second guess yourself all the time?
Do you live in the present moment and love the person you have been gifted to be?

A belief is just a thought that constantly runs through your head. Most of these beliefs are created when we are very young and can last a lifetime. Some beliefs are worth keeping for a lifetime but others may cause more pain than pleasure as we get older.

A story about beliefs

Growing up I was taught that attending family functions was very important and showed how much you cared for your family. Even if I didn’t want to attend Aunty Jenny’s 60th or a cousins party, my belief was that it was very important. So I put myself out there and went.

When I married my husband, I thought (or assumed) that he believed the same thing about family stuff. I remember the first time he said he wasn’t going to come to a family function and was going to go surfing instead. He said he had been so busy at work, needed some time out and the conditions were perfect.

I couldn’t believe it!!!

Do you know what this meant? For me and my beliefs it meant that he didn’t love me the way I loved him. He wasn’t the family man I thought I had married. I was obviously a more devoted parent – oh and a better parent. For him it meant having a little time for his mental health while the weather was perfect. Two very different meanings.

This was a story I had been telling myself for years and was causing many problems in my marriage. I thought I was right and he was wrong. Simple. Never once did I understand my thoughts were coming from an old belief. I thought he was just being a prick and I needed to show him the ‘right’ way. It just felt natural to me. And it should as it was so ingrained in my mind.

It was after a massive fight with my hubby that I realised something needed to change. And that change was required by me. For us to survive, I needed to look at why I behaving like a psycho when it came to family stuff. Through a little (ummm actually alot) of coachingI discovered this belief I held for over 35 years was no longer serving me and the only way I could save my marriage was to change my thinking.

I’m happy to say we are still together years later and about to celebrate 20 years. This wasn’t the only belief causing issues and will not be the last. However going through self enquiry and awareness techniques  saved my marriage.lies do you tell

The hidden lies

Most beliefs run quietly in the background and we are simply unaware that they cause your thoughts and feelings about life. We have listen to them for so long that we do not know any different. Our minds know them so well that everything is done on autopilot. But is doesn’t have to be that way – it’s a choice you make and you have the power to change it. Don’t get me wrong, some beliefs you created in your mind when you were 5 years old are still serving you today. However, some may not be!!!

When you start to become aware of beliefs, you realise they are the backbone of living the life you want. They control your thought cyclethoughts cause feelings which influence actions.

So what lies do you tell yourself everyday? Are you telling yourself:

  • You don’t deserve to be successful?
  • You will never be smart enough to achieve more than you have?
  • You can’t ever seem to lose weight and will never look amazing?
  • You are just not ever going to be good enough?

Lies like these are only true of you believe them. This is in your control. That’s the good news!! You have total control on what you choose to believe. What you think you will become – successful, intelligent, healthy and good enough. All this can be achieved by changing any negative beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in life to beliefs that will make you feel the way you want to feel. With a little practice, you can change those lies into truths and watch your mental strength grow.

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