Do you have what it

takes to be an entrepreneur?

Working for yourself is not for everyone, but for some it is the only thing. Having the courage and determination to go it alone requires certain traits and a serious commitment. Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Before heading out on your own and taking on the world, check out these six personality traits most entrepreneurs have:

#1 Entrepreneurs struggle to switch off.

They lie awake at night thinking about the day’s events and what they could have done better. Life is full of lessons and entrepreneurs want to learn the right lessons. Often sleepless nights are a result of ticking things off their to-do list or adding more ideas to their never ending list of new things to try.

to be an entrepreneur

#2 Entrepreneurs must learn to ask for help.

They rely heavily on themselves to get the job done and often believe others will not be able to do the job as good as they would. Delegating work doesn’t come easy to entrepreneurs but when they realise that by sharing the load means they can work harder in other areas, team work can become part of their working life.

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#3 Entrepreneurs don’t often stay in one job for a very long.

They work hard and fast, sometimes too fast, to master every aspect of their job but this often results in the need to move jobs quicker than those around them. Some entrepreneurs move departments on a regular basis within the firm to help keep their desire to change jobs.

#4 Entrepreneurs see business ideas everywhere.

They listen to conversations on a different level, searching for the next big thing that could be the spark of a brilliant new business. In their daily lives, they watch people for ideas, read media for inspiration and never let their ‘ideas brain’ take a rest.

#5 Entrepreneurs often struggle with following the rules.

They see limitations with following the rules and often work out an easier or faster way to achieve the same results. Many entrepreneurs will question authority, starting from an early age and this is often the reason they work better on their own and for themselves.

#6 Entrepreneurs cope well with change.

They have the ability to adjust when things don’t always go as planned and have the coping skills to accept this and move on. Most try not to sweat the small stuff as they are constantly working towards the bigger picture.

#7 Entrepreneurs make lots of mistakes.

Not many entrepreneurs succeed at their first business idea. Many successful entrepreneurs fail many times before the right idea comes along but the failure does not stop them from getting back up and trying again.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

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