To That Woman Barely Hanging In There

I understand!!

For that woman, that mother who is barely hanging in there…

I understand. It’s time to stick together, ask for help and we can survive this as a team.

Being a woman sometimes is not an easy job. Many women take on so much, wear multiple hats and try to achieve everything all while making this look like it is easy. BUT IT”S NOT ALWAYS EASY!!! Being a parent is one of the .most challenging but rewarding jobs you can do. Each stage you move through, generates new and often wonderful surprises. However, when you become a parent, no one tells you about the horrible and challenging things you may need to get through – DAY IN DAY OUT. If you are barely hanging in there, we want to say to you ‘take each day as just a day’. Some days are harder than others but the fight is always worth it.

**For the mother who has a new-born baby that is struggling to breast feed. You know it should be natural to breast feed your baby but neither of you seems to be able to work it out. Each day you wake and try to feed and each day your baby struggles to accept you. Don’t take it personally. Take the pressure off yourself to try to be the perfect mum with a newborn and never be afraid to ask for help. You may be barely hanging in there but you are doing an amazing job. Remember that.

**For the woman who has constant eyes glaring at her as their toddler has another tantrum in public. Every day you leave the house, hoping, praying your toddler will just do as you ask, only for an hour. As you walk through the supermarket, you feel the tantrum rising and once again, people begin to stare. Why do some mums make this parenting thing look so easy? When you are barely hanging in there, being on the receiving end of THOSE looks makes everything feel worse.

**For the mother who has not slept enough hours in the past few weeks and the exhaustion is overwhelming. Each day and each night are a blur of tears, often your own, with the realisation that the end is no longer in sight. Walk away from your child, let them cry for a while. Your sanity is paramount to the survival of your little family. Ask for time out – YES you deserve it.

**For the woman who drops her child at school every day knowing they are anxious and do not want to leave your side. Each morning the tears begin, the begging to stay with you, to love you and never leave you. Each morning when you leave them in safe hands of the teachers you can not stop that sickening feeling in your stomach that you have let your child down. Hang in there – we get it.

**For the mother who knows their child is different to all the other children. You try to convince yourself they will be alright as they are fighter. You tell yourself you can handle having a child that is different to all their friends but some days you can’t stay positive and you fall in a heap. It’s OK to have days like this and understand that guilt won’t help your child. Often different allows us to see a different level of beauty and a different way to view the world.

**For the woman who has just found out their child is being bullied at school. You have spent every day of their life protecting them, teaching them resilience and to be the best person they can be. So why are there children out there who hate your child and want to see them hurt? You see the pain in your child’s eye and want to wrap them up in cotton wool, never allowing anyone to harm your precious child. If you are barely hanging in there it’s time to ask for help – each stage is a new learning experience and we can learn it together.

**For the woman who has to deal with depression on a daily basis, feeling like they are struggling to make a difference but trying so hard. Each day feels harder than the one before but you continue to walk through life under a heavy cloud. If you are reading this and nodding your head, then you have taken the first step to helping that cloud slowly move away. When you are barely hanging in there, it is difficult to see through the haze, but you are worth the struggle – you are worth fighting for.

Every woman is exceptional in her won way. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned but we are strong, we are united and together we can support each other to make a difference. For every woman out there, if you need help – ask for it today. It is not an easy job but when you continue to hang in there and make changes, the sun will slowly start to shine and your life will be what you have always wanted.

Love Always

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