Take Care Of You

a simple message

A simple message to remind you to “Take Care Of You”

When life gets busy ( I should say busier) it is easy to forget about yourself. Between work, running the family around, catching up with friends, staying healthy both physically & mentally and trying to keep your head above water, the time set aside to take care of you becomes very precious.

You are the one who holds the key in your life.

You are the one who makes your life a better place.

You are so important in making you smile. 

Take care of you

take care of you

As an adoring partner, you have become part of a couple, a joint venture. A couple is about two people walking in the same direction, step by step, allowing each other to spread their own wings. A couple keeps each other strong, supporting ideas and forgiving mistakes. A happy couple means you are one of the essential ingredients to success. Take care of you.

As a devoted mother, your role is to guide your children on a path to their success. A mother is understanding of her children’s needs and can distinguish between what is really important for their growth. A mother shows pure love, deep exhausting love and one that lasts a lifetime. A mother also understands that the puzzle can’t fit together if one piece is broken. Please take care of you.

As a committed friend, you are an open book to their needs, being available when life calls you. A friend is patient when her friend is struggling, kind when her friend is hurting and happy when her friend achieves. A powerful friend knows what it feels like to be needed but also never waivers from asking for help herself. Take care of you.

As a loving daughter, you know your time with the one person who has been your rock is limited. You wish you had more time, but the memories you have is something that can never be taken away from you. As a daughter you are flexible, often being available when in reality you have nothing left to give. A loving daughter puts her fears of life aside to just be part of her mother’s life. Always take care of you.

As a cherished sister, you understand each other more than anyone else in your life. You have shared experiences together that no one else has and this keeps you devoted to each other. A sister doesn’t always have to hear the words but always knows she is part of a special bond. A sister will drop anything, anytime if she can sense the needs of her family. A sister forever will never forget. Take care of you.

As a beautiful woman, you wear your heart on your sleeve to help women celebrate life. A woman loves to help women feel important, feel loved and feel like they are all moving together in happiness. A woman will put herself out there if she feels she can make a difference. A strong woman also knows that she is the most important asset and she must be taken care of first. The time is right to take care of you.

Love Always

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