Seeing myself through

someone else’s eyes

Finally seeing myself

I never thought I would be working as a Mindset Trainer & NLP Practitioner. Who even knew what that was a few years ago!! I work in a space that is so powerfully rewarding because I am teaching people how to ultimately live the life they WANT to live. Over the past couple of years, I have learnt more about myself than ever through the process of my training. From an outsiders point of view, I could come across as a confident woman who had her life together. And probably I did most of the time. It was what was happening inside of me that I struggled with. I was in constant turmoil with myself, hating who I was and striving to be something that I was not.

When depression set in I knew I needed to take back some control and learn who I really was to make me happy. I decided the best way to learn was to see myself through someone else’s eyes, not my own. So my journey began to learn more about me.

Seeing myself through my husband’s eyes! 

This man chose me to spend his life with, share his love and be his best friend. My husband is a kind man who has a generous heart and a funny soul. Why would someone who loves me so deeply choose a woman who was also not kind with a generous heart? I knew that I also shared these wonderful characteristics and this made me a beautiful woman. My husband has taught me so much and for this, I will be forever grateful. Seeing myself through the eyes of my husband has given me the courage to pursue a career that is changing lives.

Seeing myself through my children’s eyes!

I know this sounds very cliché but I have been blessed with four gorgeous children. They truly are the loves of my life. They all have very different personalities, different outlooks on life and different dreams. However, they all love with tremendous passion and care with an abundance of empathy. Each child shares a strong bond with me that runs so deep, it often makes me burst with pride. My children see the world for what they can share with it, not what they can take. Why would I have been blessed with such amazing people if I wasn’t a beautiful woman who cared deeply and loved the world she lived in? Seeing myself through the eyes of my children has been a gift – a gift that has given me permission to do my real work in this world.

Seeing myself through my families eyes!

I come from a big family and we all have created wonderful lives and chosen beautiful partners. We share an understanding that life gets busy and sometimes we may not always say the words, but we each know that even through silence, the words of I love you are always there. My family are my tribe and I have such an awesome and encouraging tribe. Why would I be part of this wonderful tribe if I wasn’t a beautiful person and deserved to live an extraordinary life? My family has taught me that I am a beautiful woman with a generous heart which makes me who I am today. Seeing myself through the eyes of my family encourages me to trust in myself and believe in my ability.

Seeing myself through my friend’s eyes!

For the most part, I have chosen well. Friends are like the family you choose for yourself. I have surrounded myself with some of the most amazing, inspirational and devoted people and I’m honoured they have loved me back. My friends have allowed me to make decisions about myself and not judge me along the way. The friends who have left my life were there for a reason and I have learnt so much from them. The friends who are here for a lifetime, thank you for sticking around. These people have shown me I am a beautiful woman and deserve all I attract in life. Seeing myself through my friend’s eyes has helped me understand just how deep love can go and why connections are so essential to a wonderful life.

It is a wonderful exercise to learn how to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. It helps to remove the internal negativity we often see and start looking outside of ourselves. Try it and let me know how you go.

Love Always

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