Pursuit of happiness –

4 easy ways to find it

Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is probably the ultimate of what people are searching for. With so many external forces trying to invade our everyday life and the time to handle these forces limited, being happy is almost an afterthought.

For those who follow my work know I work with the mind and teach people to think in a way that makes them happy. Happiness is a state of mind and different for everyone. The actual pursuit of happiness is just the journey you experience in life – and what you make that journey mean. Over the past few years, I have started to realise that happiness is not about the BIG things in life – it is all about the little things along the way that can make you feel good about who you are.

The pursuit of happiness comes from your thinking. You thinking is always a choice, so in reality, you can choose to be happy every day, at any time. However, most of us don’t want to feel this emotion all the time as life is about balancing all emotions. In the context of this blog, we will focus on pursuing what makes happiness such an amazing emotion.

Here are 4 easy ways to increase happiness with minimal effort:

Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Make a decision. When life gives you options and you cannot decide which way to go, it actually decreases happiness and causes stress levels to increase. Many hours can be wasted with negative thoughts all based around decision-making. Take the pressure off by giving yourself a short time frame to make the decision and then make it. Make it a goal in life to develop your decision-making skills and then back yourself. A decision is simply a thought and a thought is always a choice. The more time spent in confusion (without allowing your mind to make that choice) the further away happiness becomes.
  2. Be thankful. It may be human nature to want more but this does not increase happiness. This is very cliched but to be grateful for what you currently have – really grateful will always increase levels of happiness. Don’t save your happiness for a special occasion. Learn to celebrate your happiness in simple ways like wearing those expensive shoes just because you feel like it, or listening to your healthy child read a book; or sitting out in the sunshine and enjoy your own company. Gratitude is not just about changing your attitude, it is actually changing it.
  3. Stop judging yourself. This one can be a little more difficult but is essential to increase levels of happiness. Allow yourself to have a negative day/week without punishing yourself for it. Understand it is ok to feel sad for no reason and allow this emotion to become a natural part of your life without it always having a negative stigma. If you have made a mistake, own up, rectify it and move on. This is a big part of trusting yourself and the people you surround yourself with. Judgement is not friends with unconditional love – an emotion we all need to strive to achieve for ourselves.
  4. Start touching other people. Human physical contact increases the happy endorphins and therefore will increase happiness. With so much of our modern lives occurring online, skin on skin contact has decreased over time. There are many ways to increase contact from hugs, to hand holding, to touching someone’s arm while talking to them. Even a more simple way is to look at someone in the eyes – watch them speak and begin to feel the emotions they are trying to share. We have evolved this far living from connections, it is an easy way to increase levels of happiness.

In a busy life, happiness can easily be put on hold. With these easy ways to increase happiness, there is no excuse it cannot fit into everyone’s life.

Are you in the pursuit of happiness? How do you find your happiness?

Love Always

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