Introduction Session – One on One Training with Natalie


One on One coaching with Natalie teaches you how to start living your life and not just surviving it by taking control of your thoughts that cause all your emotions, and ultimately the results you get in life.

✅You struggle with anxiety or stress and have tried everything but still don’t have the answer.

✅You want to feel like your life matters but can’t stop the negative thoughts.

✅You want to be more successful (whatever your success is)

✅You want to build confidence, remove self-doubt and stop overthinking other people’s opinions.

❤️You need a mindset trainer.

Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching focuses on now and not the past. As a coach, I do not give answers to your pain point as you already have the answer inside you. Sometimes we just need a little help finding it. Together we explore the right techniques you can easily use in your day to:

  1. Understand WHY you are thinking what you are thinking.
  2. Learn how to have total control over how you feel every day.
  3. Take the actions you need to blow your goals out of the water
  4. Prove to yourself just how amazing you really are.

Your thoughts control your emotions.
Your emotions control your actions.
Your actions create the results you see in in life.
Your results will always try to provide proof of the initial thought.

One on One coaching

Change your thoughts – change your results. 
Mindset Coaching changes your thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions. 

  1. How do I get started with coaching? Purchase an individual or 6 x Sessions with Natalie
  2. What if I don’t live locally? That’s OK. Natalie has clients all over the world. Zoom calls are the preferred method for the sessions. We simply arrange a suitable time.
  3. Can sessions be gifted to someone? Yes of course. Just put in their details instead but please let them know we will be contacting them.
  4. Can you guarantee results?  This will all depend on the whether you are willing to do the work. If you do the work set by Natalie and practice then you WILL get the results you want. This is not a quick fix but you can achieve LIFE changing results if you want it.
  5. I LOVE your work Natalie I would love to refer someone to your mindset coaching sessions. If you refer someone and book 6 x sessions with me, you will get a BONUS 30-minute session with a booked 6 session package.
  6. What if I live locally and I want a face to face coaching session? This is available however we do offer 3 x 1-hour sessions instead for Mindset Coaching.
  7. What packages do you have available if I decide I want to continue working with Natalie? 6 x 30-minute sessions. Online 21-day program to tap into your subconscious mind. Click here.
  8. Is there an expiry date on the session packages? No, you can book sessions with Natalie weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when you need extra help overcoming a problem in your life.
  9. Why would I need further Mindset Coaching? Each session we build on a new topic and the more mindset tools and techniques you can learn and practice, the greater your emotional power over your life will become.
  10. Do you work with children? Yes we do. One on One coaching with children can only be done face to face, no over the phone sessions available. In the initial session we discuss the relationship between what the child thinks and how this causes them to feel a certain way, often using an example chosen by the child. Book 6 session here 


One on One Coaching is a personalised program Natalie creates for YOU. One on One Coaching explores your personal pain point/s, giving you the skills to change thought patterns, feel the way you want to feel and take massive action. Change your thoughts – change your results. Mindset Coaching changes your thoughts.

You are with your thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –


It’s time to make changes to these thoughts, become aware of your thoughts,

DECLUTTER the mind and take back control.

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