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What is involved in the FREE Mini Session?

The good news is you already have the missing piece to the puzzle. I’m just here to show you how it all fits together.

The mini session is easy, quick BUT very effective and you will end the one one one mindset coaching with tools you can start applying in your life immediately.

First, we jump on the phone together for up to 20 minutes and I will help you through the blocks you have with struggling to lose weight quickly & any fear you have about your life long body image disorder.

Second, I help you discover why you are taking the actions you are taking and the thinking behind this LIFE LONG exhausting condition.

Third, I will teach you to manage your thoughts so you never feel out of control & you will be able to FINALLY get off the dieting lifestyle. This is so important for those who have had or still recovering from eating disorders.

Finally, I will leave you with TWO ways to lose the fear of falling back into old eating habits & to share your NEW found body image with your children & family.




It’s always the small piece of the puzzle that makes the BIG picture

  • Do you know what you want to achieve BUT are confused on HOW to achieve it?
  • Are you stuck in STRESS – the difference between what is real & what you want to be real?
  • Have you been searching all your life for an answer to WHY you can’t lose that weight?
  • Are you afraid of letting those closest to you discover your secret of not being strong enough, smart enough, in control enough?

Book a FREE mini session with me today and I will give you that missing piece of the puzzle to answer these questions and more…..

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