Discover Your Inner Happiness eCourse


Discovering Your Inner Happiness eCourse is designed to take you through the stages of understanding exactly who you are and what you want in life. This is done by learning how to let go of your fears, remove toxic friendships from your inner circle and embracing a new way to look at life. This is taught in four stages:

  1. Understanding YOUR purpose in life, allowing gratitude to flow in.
  2. Surrounding yourself with the RIGHT people for you.
  3. Letting go of what you CANNOT control to help build self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Living in the learning stage more often to break through your FEARS and start to slow down.

” The first thing that came to me when I opened the workbook was….STOP, go slow and work out who you are. The issues in my life may not change, but my attitudes and perceptions can. If I gain a better understanding of myself, and a vision of where I  want to go, I can not only help myself but my family too.”  – Virginia Taylor

This eCourse runs over four weeks and it’s in a safe and supportive environment to help you get the most out of your experience. You can participate as much or as little as you wish but it all starts with being honest with yourself. Each week you will receive an email with lots of information to master a new skill, a video guiding you through what you can expect and a downloadable workbook so you are accountable only to yourself.  No one has to see or read your workbook but it is a great way to stay on track and work through each area at your own pace. You will be invited to join a private Facebook group just for those who are like minded and participate in this eCourse. This is where you can ask others how they are dealing with any blockages, negative energy and even share your story knowing you will be supported all the way.

What can this course help you with? 

  • Are you constantly feeling exhausted with so much to do but never enough time to do it? This course will help you find that perfect balance.
  • Do you allow stress to take control of your life? This course will teach you how to handle your stress in a different way.
  • Are you feeling lost in your own life, not sure who you are and why you are not achieving your goals? This course is designed to help you find your purpose – your why in life.
  • Do you need help to SLOW DOWN? This course opens up gratitude and self-care, forcing you to look at life differently and why it is so important to put yourself first in your own life.

Happiness Depends on ourselves


  1. How much time do I have to invest in this course go for as I don’t have a lot of time? You can invest as little or as much time as you need. The course runs over 4-weeks but if you find yourself falling behind, that’s OK as you are not starting at any specific time. The magic happens when you start to complete the work in the workbook so if you are serious about changing your life, then the more time you invest in YOU, the greater the changes will be.
  2. Do I have to show anyone my workbook? NO, absolutely not. It is your private workbook but the more honest and open you are with yourself, the greater the results will be.
  3. What benefit do I get out of joining the private Facebook group? When you begin this course, you will open up old wounds, feel emotions you have never felt and sometimes you may need someone to talk to about all the changes. As this is private, only the people who have done the course are invited to participate.
  4. What am I getting from this course that I can’t find on Google? You are learning from your own experiences rather than from what other people say. You also get the support from me to coach you through the changes and help you find your own answers. Finally, the idea that you are amongst other like minded women who just want to feel content in their lives too makes the learning environment welcoming.
  5. I would NEVER admit to anyone that I’m not OK, so why would I open up to you? If you are asking this, you DEFINITELY need this course. You don’t have to admit to anyone (except yourself) that you are not OK as you can complete this course in total privacy. It’s OK to not be ok, but it’s also OK to ask for help.
  6. I just can’t afford the course at the moment. Do you have a payment plan? Firstly, when was the last time you invested in yourself? This is such a small investment and will attract major results. Sorry but no payment plans are on this course.

So if you are ready to achieve inner happiness and discover what makes YOUR soul sing, then this eCourse is for you. Spend the next four weeks with me learning how to be kind to yourself, letting go of your fears, rediscovering your unique strengths and finding that amazing person hiding inside.  

It’s time to invest in YOU. You deserve it. 



Online self-care eCourse focusing on finding your inner happiness. Learn how to be kind to yourself, let go of your fears, rediscover unique strengths and find that amazing person hiding inside.  Four-week email based eCourse which can be started at any stage.

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