One on One Mindset Coaching

 with Natalie

one on one mindset coaching with natalie

It can be last piece of the puzzle that makes the BIG picture complete

  • Do you know what you want to achieve BUT are confused on HOW to achieve it?
  • Are you stuck in STRESS – the difference between what is real & what you want to be real?
  • Have you been searching all your life for an answer to WHY you can’t lose that weight?
  • Are you afraid of letting those closest to you discover your secret of not being strong enough, smart enough, in control enough?

Book a FREE mini session with me today and I will give you that missing piece of the puzzle to answer these questions and more…..

You are with your thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –


It’s time to make changes to these thoughts, become aware of your thoughts,

DECLUTTER the mind and take back control.

What is involved in the FREE Mini Session?

The good news is you already have the missing piece to the puzzle. I’m just here to show you how it all fits together.

The mini session is easy, quick BUT very effective and you will end the one one one mindset coaching with tools you can start applying in your life immediately.

First, we jump on the phone together for up to 20 minutes and I will help you through the blocks you have with struggling to lose weight quickly & any fear you have about your life long body image disorder.

Second, I help you discover why you are taking the actions you are taking and the thinking behind this LIFE LONG exhausting condition.

Third, I will teach you to manage your thoughts so you never feel out of control & you will be able to FINALLY get off the dieting lifestyle. This is so important for those who have had or still recovering from eating disorders.

Next, I will leave you with TWO ways to lose the fear of falling back into old eating habits & to share your NEW found body image with your children & family.

Finally, we can discuss packages that suit you so we can continue to work together and explore further topics such as:

  • Overcoming Fear
  • Other People’s Opinions
  • Tools to solve any problem you encounter
  • Jealousy
  • Tools to continue to lose and maintain YOUR healthy weight
  • Self-Loathing & Doubt… just to name a few.

Find out more about Natalie HERE

one on one mindset coaching with natalie


Become aware of your thoughts.

Find thoughts that serve you better

Start on the journey of deliberate thinking.

one on one mindset coaching with natalie


Emotions are a caused by a thought in your head.

Learn to describe the emotions you are feeling.

Emotions determine the actions you take.

one on one mindset coaching with natalie


Your feelings determine the actions (or lack of actions) you take.

Results you see in life are determined by your behaviour

You have nothing to lose, ONLY time

Change your thoughts – change your results.

One on One Mindset Coaching changes your thoughts

one on one mindset coaching with natalie

Frequently Asked Questions. 

  1. How do I get started with coaching. Book in your FREE Mini Session with Natalie here.
  2. What if I don’t live locally? That’s OK. Natalie has clients all over the world. Skype calls are the preferred method for the FREE mini session. We simply arrange a suitable time.
  3. Can the FREE mini session be gifted to someone?Yes of course. Just put in their details instead but please let them know we will be contacting them.
  4. Can you guarantee results?  This will all depend on the whether you are willing to do the work. If you do the work set by Natalie and practice then you WILL get the results you want. This is not a quick fix but you can achieve LIFE changing results if you want it.
  5. I LOVE your work Natalie I would love to refer someone to your FREE Mini mindset coaching session. If you refer someone, you will get a BONUS 30-minute session with a booked 4 or 8 session package.
  6. What if I live locally and I want a face to face coaching session? This is no longer offered for the FREE Mini Session but can be arranged if you continue with the Mindset Coaching Programs.
  7. What packages do you have available if I decide I want to continue working with Natalie? 4 x 30 minute sessions and 8 x 30 minute sessions.
  8. Is there an expiry date on the session packages?No, you can book sessions with Natalie weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when you need extra help overcoming a problem in your life.
  9. Why would I need further Mindset Coaching? In the free Mini Session, Natalie shares TWO tools to help unblock thoughts and begin managing your mind. To continue on the journey of changing your thinking forever, new practices and techniques are taught in more depth.
  10. Does the FREE Mini Session come with a workbook? No only in the Mindset Programs. We like to call it a “MeBook” instead.
  11. Do you work with children? Yes we do. One on One coaching with children can only be done face to face, no over the phone sessions available. To begin, book a FREE Mini session. In this session we discuss the relationship between what the child thinks and how this causes them to feel a certain way, often using an example chosen by the child.

You have nothing to lose, ONLY time

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