Mindset Training #5

What is Your Reality?

Mindset Training #5 – What is your reality?

People respond to perception, not to reality. Many people know what they want but are not willing work hard to get it because their perception is they do not have the right resources. Often this perception is an old belief system from childhood and therefore there is a strong resistance to change. EG: ‘No Pain, No Gain’. (This states that unless it hurts along the way, you do not deserve success)

Have you ever wondered why two children in the same family can talk about their upbringing in a very different way? Each child will perceive a circumstance through their own lens and then attach a thought to it. It’s the way you think about a circumstance that will determine how you react and eventually the results you obtain.


By changing your thoughts… You alter your feelings… And ultimately Change Your Life!!!
mindset training #5

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