Mindset Training #1

Start With Your Story

Mindset Training #1 – Start With Your Story.

Your story is everything that has happened to you, with you, for you, about you and because of you up until this very moment. Your story is your life from your own perspective. This is factual and cannot be changed. Life’s circumstances are not in our control – ever!! The only thing we have control over is the way we see the experience. The lens you use to view your story – your circumstances, is what you have total control over. 

People can become so used to certain thoughts that they almost become attached to them – often without even realising it. The thoughts are so conditioned that they appear true and unchangeable. And they can be true – FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE. If you are afraid to explore these thoughts about your story, then you are ready to watch the video. Remember:

By changing your thoughts… You alter your feelings… And ultimately Change Your Life!!!
mindset training #2

Further FREE Training

Mindset Training #2 – Know Your Purpose.

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