It’s Your Mental Energy

Share your mental energy with those who deserve it.

I never truly understood the power of mental energy until I became an NLP practitioner and studied the mind. Studies show that people have a limited amount of mental energy to spend each day. Once that mental energy is depleted your decision-making skills and quality of work produced declines rapidly. Research has shown that mental energy for most is greatest in the morning, so I ask you – what is your morning thought routine? Do you wake up fixated on something that happened in the past and how you wish you could change it? Do you wake up with the same concerns for the future – lack of time, lack of money.

Whether your focus this year is on achieving a work goal, or creating a family or earning more money, the common factor to focus on is supporting your mental energy. There is only so much mental energy available, so it is how you use your energy which can determine whether you survive not only the day but the year head.

Mental energy is a finite resource but can be maintained for longer periods depending on those who you share your energy with. Over the past couple of years, I started to take note of my mental energy when I was around certain people and how much mental energy I maintained in their company. I was the type of person who didn’t think it was important to fill up my cup, it was other people’s energy cups I needed to fill. So I constantly drained my cup until there was no more to give. By never replenishing my mental energy, it eventually drizzled to nothing and that was when I had a breakdown. How many times have you given more than you actually had and worked out too late that you were the only one who suffered?

The wrong people drain you. The right people save youmental energy

I have learnt that mental energy can be filled quickly when you share it with the right people. Energy can start to be replenished immediately when you are surrounded by people who fill your soul and share their positive energy with you. There will always be people you have to spend time with, a work colleague or family member and maybe these people drain your mental energy. When you are in their company, become aware of your mental energy and begin to protect it from your thinking about the situation. Your power to protect your feelings are held in your thoughts.

So how do you know if you are surrounding yourself with the right people you can share your mental energy with? These people:

  • Share your core values
  • Listen to you without judgment or negativity
  • Make you feel special and worthy
  • Understand you can have a bad day but that doesn’t mean you have a bad life.
  • Support decisions to let go of things but never allow you to quit.
  • Energise you to believe in all possibilities
  • Smile – love to smile.
  • Believe your fears but do not let you live in fear

How to spot people who want to take your energy and replace it with their negative energy? These people:

  • Don’t really listen beyond their own words.
  • Make you feel your decisions are not the best decision for you.
  • Expect things to go wrong all the time.
  • Love to worry about everything.
  • Do not like to believe in dreams as dreams never ever come true.
  • Prefer to remain unchanged, fearing change.

You are in control of your energy and you determine who you share it with. Life will always have a mixture of positive energy givers and energy takers but you are the one in control of who you share your mental energy with. Make this year be the year where your mental energy becomes a priority and needs to be constantly filled with powerful thoughts and emotions. Choose people who fill you up not drain you.

It’s your mental energy…

Love Always

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