Healing Your Chakras

through the foods we eat.

The 7 energy chakras located around your body can sometimes get blocked or become unbalanced. To get an update on what chakras are, head over here. Healing your chakras when they become blocked or unbalanced is a way of restoring the power of the chakra while taking back control of your health and wellbeing.

  • Root chakra — located at the base of the spine — red in colour
  • Sacral chakra — located just below the navel — orange in colour
  • Solar Plexus chakra — is the 3rd chakra and located in the stomach area — yellow
  • Heart chakra —  located in the centre of the chest — green in colour
  • Throat chakra — is at the base of the throat — blue in colour
  • Third Eye chakra — located on the front of the head, just above area between the eyes — indigo in colour
  • Crown chakra — is located on the top of the head — violet in colour


When the root chakra is balanced you feel a sense of security and feeling grounded, like you safely belong to this world. If you are feeling burnt out, run down or fatigued, ways to balance this chakra and boost your energy is through RED foods such as:

  • beets
  • tomatoes
  • strawberries/raspberries
  • root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.


When the sacral chakra is balanced it allows you to be more creative, increases passions and increases the ability to take risks in life. The sacral chakra is responsible self-confidence and worthiness and imbalances within the sacral energy will have you doubting yourself and those around you. Foods that bring back balance to this chakra are:

  • oranges/mandarins
  • mangoes/peaches
  • omega 3 rich foods such as salmon
  • nuts & seeds such as almonds and walnuts.
  • coconut & cinnamon


When the solar plexus chakra is balanced there is a high level of self-respect and self-compassion. Life feels under control and confidence is high. Imbalances in the solar plexus chakra result in a loss of joy in life and can generate feelings of rejection and criticism. Foods that bring back the balance with the solar plexus are:

  • bananas
  • sweet corn
  • yellow peppers
  • oats & brown rice


When the heart chakra is balanced we feel a sense of joy, gratitude, love and feeling rejuvenated. This is a time of immense compassion and an ease of forgiveness in life.  If the heart chakra is not balanced it can result in bitterness, anger, loneliness and adrenal fatigue. Foods that bring back balance to the heart chakra are:

  • green, raw foods such as kale, spinach & celery
  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • mint & peas
  • kiwi & green apples


When the throat chakra is balanced it frees up all areas of communication, including listening, allowing the words to flow freely. A balanced throat chakra brings calmness whereas imbalances in this chakra causes fear of being powerless and often amplifies anxiety. Foods that bring back balance to the throat chakra are:

  • blueberries/blackberries
  • coconut water
  • herbal teas
  • lemons
  • plums & apples


When the third eye chakra is balanced we seek the truth and feel clear and focused in life. This is a time of receiving great insight and wisdom outside of everyday life. When the third eye chakra is not balanced there is a lack peacefulness and the inability to see the big picture. Foods that restore balance to this chakra are:

  • purple grapes
  • purple kale & cabbage
  • eggplant
  • blueberries
  • cacao


When the crown chakra is balanced it allows a gratitude for the present moment and a trust in our own inner strength. When the crown chakra is not balanced we lose strength and power and the ability to rise above negativity. Foods that bring back balance to this chakra are:

  • mushrooms
  • garlic & onions
  • warm lemon water

Love Always

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