Do you have a Healthy Mindset?

A little self coaching can create a healthy mindset. 

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Are you someone who wakes up and believes life just doesn’t get any better than this? Are you someone who wakes up believing that if something in your life was different, it would make you happier? Now ask yourself, do you have a healthy mindset?

Everything we do in our life is to feel a certain way. It is human nature to move towards pleasure and away from pain, avoiding many emotions along the way. Every emotion we experience is caused by the thought in our heads. And every thought we have in our head is something we have total control over. So it makes sense that if we control our thoughts, we also control our emotions. Right?

Our emotions determine how we are going to act or the actions we are going to take in any given situation. If you are feeling negative about yourself or about the situation, you are more likely to take very little action and this results in very little being achieved. If you are feeling positive that you will live up to your expectations, then you are more likely to take massive action and this will result in achieving success. Our results achieved in both situations have just proved that our initial thought about ourselves was correct. The more proof you acquire, the stronger the thought conditioning becomes.

So let’s explore this a little further.

healthy mindset

Growing up I was a yoyo dieter and eventually this caused me to struggle with bulimia for a few years. I would look at myself in the mirror and all I could see was a fat girl who didn’t deserved to be loved. Somewhere along the line, I thought that if I was skinny, if I lost weight then I would be a better person and deserving of love. My thought was, “I am not good enough because I am fat”. Each day I felt unworthy. My bulimia proved my unworthiness because I wasn’t even good enough to lose weight. So instead of eating healthy and exercising, I either gorged to punish myself or make myself sick to punish myself. My actions resulted in not losing weight which only proved my thought that I was unworthy.

WOW – even today when I write it down and read it out load I feel for that beautiful young woman. She didn’t deserve to hate herself as she did. She didn’t deserve to feel that the only way she deserved to be loved was to be skinny.

Over the years, through coaching and mindset training, I wake up every day and love the reflection in the mirror. My thoughts,”I am good enough because I am me”. Most things in life cannot be controlled, especially what other people say or do. But I control my thoughts and my thoughts cause the emotions I feel and the action (or lack or actions) I take in life.

The mind loves patterns and loves to be efficient but these patterns can change, you have control of this. When we try to avoid what our bodies are feeling, we are numbing these emotions but the mind only understands to numb all emotions – good and bad. Research has shown that we numb more than ever before through addiction, self-medication and a permanent state of anxiety. So whatever we are doing, it is not working. If everybody took control over their own thoughts which caused the way they felt every day, then maybe some of the pressures in life would ease.

When it comes to making changes in life, too many people head straight to changing the actions they are taking. So for example, when I deep in my sickness of bulimia, I tried many times to ‘diet’ seriously but eating healthy foods and avoiding gorging. However, this is not sustainable because every feeling we have in our body is due to a thought in our head and I my thoughts had not changed. Ultimately, the power of my thoughts were going to win the battle. Changing my actions avoided the actual problem. To change my pattern, I needed to change the way I thought about myself so I could change the feelings I had which caused my actions and results.

Understanding thought patterns can be challenging for many people as most of us simply let our brain run around without any boundaries or supervision, completely unaware of subconscious thoughts that are controlling our every move. Discovering negative thought patterns takes practice to change and heal and being kind to yourself is essential if you really want to move forward. This is why so many women diet their entire lives – they have never faced the reality of their thoughts.

Anyone can move from a state of worthlessness, inadequacy or feeling trapped with a little self coaching of the mind to create a healthy mindset.

Love Always

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