Change in season can

change the mindset.


When it comes to changing of the season, it is not simply the weather altering. The power seasonal changes have on the mind can be life changing and sometimes cause serious depression. Do you experience any change of mindset when the seasons change?

My favourite things about each season:

Spring –
1. I love the greater daylight hours, allowing for walks in the morning with girlfriends, outdoor basketball games in the afternoon with the kids and feeling the day is longer so more is achieved.
2. I love the smell of spring, with flowers blooming and nature showing her best assets.
3. I love crisp mornings, warm afternoons and crisp evenings.

Spring brings out the happy hormones in me and shifts my moods in a positive way. 

change the mindset

Autumn –
1. The trees become green again, ready to drop their leaves but showing us just how pretty nature can be.
2. Getting my ugg boots out once again.
3. Sitting home with my husband having a glass or two of red wine.

Autumn makes me feel like I need to bring my family back inside, back to me and work at our little family unit. 

change the mindset
change the mindset

Summer –
1. I love the feeling of the sun penetrating my skin, warming me up from the outside, all the while sitting outdoors eating light foods with the family.
2. One of my favourite places to relax is the beach. Feeling the sand between my toes, while sun baking with a book in hand.
3. With the warm weather comes beautiful summer dresses. There is nothing nicer on your skin than a beautiful, light summer frock, accompanied by a glass of chilled wine, laughing with friends.

Summer is when I am at my happiest and I feel I can achieve almost anything as the weather warms my mind and heart. 

change the mindset

Winter –
1. Winter fashion is more stylish than any other season, with tailored pants and skirts, finished off with beautiful winter coats, making me feel grown up.
2. Eating curries and casseroles at night with the family talking about our day.
3. Not having to worry about showing off my body as winter clothes can hide a lot, maybe making me too comfortable.

Winter is the most difficult season for my mind as depression often sinks in due to lack of fresh air and sunlight. 

I am learning that the weather can affect the way I feel about myself and my surroundings. The days I am struggling I now do meditate for longer and tell myself that I AM going to be OK. What do you like about each season? Does the change of season change your mood?

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change the mindset
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