Braving Self Care

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braving self care

Are you ready to take your MIND seriously?

Life Changing Techniques To Take Back Emotional Control

You are with your thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –


It’s time to make changes to these thoughts, become aware of your thoughts,

DECLUTTER the mind and take back control.

Labels Do Not Work

Labelling yourself narrows the possibility for change.

Labels such as overweight, perfectionist close minds.

When you lose site of your value & worth, the natural response is defensive.

Recognise Emotions

  1. Each day take note what you are feeling.
  2. Name the emotion.
  3. Find the thought causing this emotion
  4. Change this thought if it’s no longer serving you

I AM...

The TWO most important words you can say is “I AM…

I AM sets the intension for each day.

I AM opens you up to any opportunity.

I AM NOT closes the door with a bang!!

What’s Inside The Braving Self Care Mindset Coaching Course

Get the crap out of your head

Goal Setting – A solid foundation

Know your why in life

The Boundaries of NO

Turning point of forgiveness

Changing your mindset – anxious to calm

Letting go of control

Fear of Failure


Removing Toxic People

Removing the guilt

Breaking old patterns

Natalie McNamara

Natalie McNamara

Mindset Coach / NLP Practitioner


ONE on ONE Coaching with me through every session to get you started on the right track. 

Coaching calls are available via Skype, phone call or face to face, depending on location and availability.

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