Braving Friendships

School Development Program

Braving Friendships

Friendship is surrounding yourself with people who are right for YOU!

Braving Friendships is built on small insignificant connections with TRUST as the solid foundation

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Braving friendships assists children and young adults to develop a greater understanding of what is involved in real friendships.


One of the most influential areas in a child’s life are the friends they surround themselves with…


and the significance of these connections in their growth personal development.

braving friendships


Clear boundaries encourages mutual respect & decreases miscommunication. Your boundaries and your ‘life rule book’ are not the same thing.

Braving Friendships

Owning Your Thoughts

All of your thoughts influence the way you feel. Becoming aware of what you are thinking helps connect with yourself first and then support friendships.

Braving Friendships


Having the ability to not judge yourself when asking for help as you would not judge a friend. Admitting mistakes generates a trusted connection.

Age Groups suitable for Braving Friendships 

Grade 6 Program

The end of primary school when many children will be leaving a secure school environment and attending an unfamiliar High School. The children will learn how to understand that their feelings can be broken down to the thoughts they are having. New friendships made need to have a mutual connection. The power of non-judgment.  

Year 7 Program

Where new friendships are formed and nurtured, developing a strong connection with yourself first allows the child to attract the friends that will support them. Putting in place boundaries that will develop a growth mindset and strong positive emotions. 

Year8/9 Program

This is when friendships alter and new ones formed until you find the friendships that support you. Learning how to let go of mistakes and judgement, especially when friends start to make more individual decisions about the way they want their life to go, strengthens emotional connections. 

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