8 reasons to stop

suffering in silence

It’s time to stop suffering in silence

I never really understood the power of words until I started sharing my words with the world (well to a small group of people who actually read my posts). I often write from Mindset Trainers point of view but sometimes I can easily include my personal experience. Suffering in silence is something I did for over 20 years and my passion for people to speak up and get help is something I am passionate about. I now work with many teenagers on their mental health care – trying to limit those heading down the path of mental illness. The time is right to stop suffering in silence and get your life back on track.

stop suffering in silence

I consider myself a strong and independent woman and it has taken me years to admit that the strong need help too. Before having children, I suffered from an eating disorder for a few years but the mental pressure of dieting stayed around for years afterwards. I still have days where I fight the demons in the mirror but it is my children that bring me back to reality. I will not let them go through years of having a bad relationship with food and poor body image for no reason.

When I had my second child I suffered a little postnatal depression and never told anyone. I was too strong to suffer from depression. I was meant to be the mother and I thought this parenting thing should come naturally. On and off I have fallen victim to bouts of depression and never really opened up because I thought it was a sign of weakness. I was wrong. The day I started to open up and express how I was feeling was the day I finally gave myself permission to be truly happy. And that is where I am at this stage in my life. If you are ready to stop suffering in silence and need good reasons why it’s time to share, then here they are:

  • Negative thoughts are enhanced. It’s the inner voice that controls how life is perceived. When you are suffering in silence, you are feeding that inner voice with only negative words and not allowing others around you to show you the positive.
  • Any form of treatment will be delayed. Many people who struggle with mental illness require treatment to help get life back under control but when you are suffering in silence, you deny yourself the chance to see if others can help you become a happier, healthier person.
  • Symptoms become the normal way of living. It’s time to make the normal way of living the way you want it to be, not the way you think it has to be. Sharing your depression can help you realise that there is more than one way to live your life and it gives you the control to make that decision.
  • Not being true to yourself. It is time to stop suffering in silence and give yourself permission to be true to the person you want to be.
  • The time suffering depression is lengthened. By sharing with others how you are feeling, you are allowing yourself to find the answers and heal. The silence is like keeping the door closed to the world and never seeing the beautiful little rays of sunshine that can have amazing healing powers.
  • It can create greater isolation. Depression can be a lonely existence and the longer the silence, the greater the isolation feels. Suffering in silence can feel like you are living on an island but take the time to look around you and you will soon realise, the island isn’t real and your wellness deserves company.
  • Believing self-control is the only way out. Being strong does not equal healthy mental health. Accepting what is happening and understanding that there are experts to help you, may take away some control but will give you back a greater power – life.
  • The stigma of mental illness rules your life. You are but one person in this world and realising you will never have control on what others believe or think, you have the choice to let go of the perceived stigma on mental illness and start helping yourself.

For those who are suffering in silence, take time every day to open up and take your life back.

Stay Beautiful

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