6 Ways to Lose Your Fear

And Live A Wild Life

Life can be lived in fear or in hope. Fear is the easier option and many people choose this as it is the safe way journey through life. It is scary to lose your fear because that means you need to show the world your real self. Your dreams are exposed. Your goals are exposed. Your hopes are exposed. 

Just imagine waking up and feeling like your dreams are a little closer, your goals are now achievable and you see a positive future.

lose your fear

Do you ever wake up and live in fear because you:

  • Fear making a mistake
  • Fear messing up
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Fear you’ll get hurt
  • Fear you won’t measure up to others.

I have felt all this fear. I have been afraid that what I wanted in life wasn’t really in my grasp. I feared I was not good enough to take risks with my life. I am still afraid I will get hurt but that is something I am working on. When I finally found mu purpose, I completed a mindset coaching course and started on a new path to success. Last week I took the leap from fear to hope and launched a new online course – Braving Self Care – a mindset coaching course to guide women in the direction they want to go without all the negative talk. I am excited about what the future brings. I am proud of the work I have done. I know I will be a success.  It’s all about your approach – lose your fear and start living a wild life (or at least the life YOU want to live).

6 ways to begin to lose your fear?

Plan and prepare yourself to succeed. It is all in the preparation. When you are organised and confident you have covered as many options as possible, the future begins to look much brighter. By setting yourself up to succeed, fear starts to lose its power and hope begins to grow.

Just get busy. Stop procrastinating or delaying the process because you think the time is not right. Fear will always control you if you do not start.

Spend time on yourself – educate, educate, educate. An easy way to lose your fear is to educate yourself so there is no longer anything to fear. You are the only one who holds you back so invest in you and this invests in the life you will love.

Give yourself deserved credit. Modesty is nice but it is often controlled by fear. If someone gives you a compliment about work well done, TAKE IT. If you know you are good at your job, don’t be afraid to let others know. Credit earned – credit deserved.

Start thinking positive. Learn that the glass is half full, not half empty. Understand there is always a solution to a problem. By thinking positively, the fear you experience starts to get pushed over to the negative side and it starts to get very little attention.

Mistakes do not equal failure. Life is learnt through mistakes. If you make a mistake, accept it, learn from it, put it behind you and move on. Making a mistake does not mean you have failed, it means you have tried and next time you will do better. EVERYONE makes mistakes and successful people learn and move on.

Whatever your dream is – take the chance and start to lose your fear.

Whatever your goals are – believe you can achieve them and lose the fear.

Let your hopes control your life by losing your fear.

Do you live in hope or fear? Have you taken a chance in life and lost your fear?

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