5 Ways to make your day positive

which can make a BIG impact on your day

The idea of waking up each day feeling a little lighter, a little more positive and even a little less stressed makes the day ahead seem easier to get through. With all the complications life throws into the mix and all the balls required in the air at one time just to get through a day, less stress looks appealing.

Keeping it simple is the easiest way to guarantee it will happen. To stay positive for some people is a natural state of mind. For many people, it is a challenge every day when they wake up to be positive. Positivity is all about the state of mind and believing you can even when deep down you are shit scared. By waking each day in fear of not being able to overcome any obstacles puts blockages in the brain, not allowing positive thoughts or emotions to shine through.

If being more positive is something you want to achieve, so the overwhelming stress that often results leaves your side even for a while, then try these 5 simple steps to get your mind and body in sync for a while. Don’t be afraid of not succeeding at first, this is just another of life’s complications. If you try, you will eventually succeed. If you give in, success is harder to achieve.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, here are the 5 things you must try to do to  stay positive:

  1. Take 10 minutes just for yourself. For this to occur, some of you are going to have to get up 15 minutes earlier just to fit it in. You will be fine, it’s just 15 minutes and you will soon feel so much better for it. Find a spot in the house where you will be alone and with your thoughts. Make sure you are not too hot or cold and just sit with your eyes closed and let your mind think. All you need is 10 minutes for just you and your thoughts. I like to meditate in this 10 minutes and I’m still learning how to quiet my mind. If you have never meditated before, I use an app called Headspace. The sessions only go for 10 minutes and they are a great way to take the pressure off your mind being too active.
  2. Read ONE positive quote. It doesn’t have to be a long quote and it doesn’t have to be a different quote every day. I often choose the same quote every day for a month until it finally sinks deep into my subconscious. Reading something that is lifting, inspiring and talks to you every day is such a simple way to train the brain that you are worth it and you can get through this.
  • Reward your body with a glass of water and a healthy snack. Now, how simple is this one. Your body can dehydrate over night and when a body is dehydrated, so too is the mind. When the mind lacks water, it will not focus on anything but survival so positive thoughts are eliminated. Some people struggle to eat a large breakfast, so feeding your body with a small snack will kick start the happy endorphins flowing throughout your body.
  • Talk to loved ones without interruption from technology. Spedning time each morning living in the NOW moment helps start the day energised and refreshed. Actually having a conversation with a family member, without the TV on or phone in hand to limit distractions. People need connections and connections require us to be in the moment, truly in the moment.
  • Write down one concern. When you spent 10 minutes in your own thoughts, often these thoughts flow to the concerns for the day ahead or a negative thing you must do. Write this down and tell yourself you will achieve this when you are ready. By writing it down, you stop yourself from worrying about it all day. This gives you time to push the negative thoughts down and focuses on the positive thoughts.Try this for the next week or two and let me know if you are feeling more positive every day.How do you stay positive?

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