4 quick steps to

Detox your mind

Is it time to detox your mind?

Are you the type of person who sets goals and has a daily plan on how to achieve them? Do you go to bed at night with a self-help or motivational book by your bedside? Your mind probably never stops but that is not always a healthy environment to constantly be living in. Maybe it is time to detox your mind and give it some time to rest and recover so you can stay strong and positive.

In a world where twenty-four seven has become the norm, when do we give ourselves permission to just be. With depression and anxiety on the rise, both falling under mental health illnesses category, it is time to give yourself the gift of detoxing your mind. The power of the mind weakens if it is not given the chance to detoxify. Think of it as a holiday to the Maldives for your mind.

Begin by detoxing your mind for only five minutes a day as allows you ease into the process and slowly feel more energized and ready to achieve the goals for the day.

Here is a quick step-by-step process to learn how to detox your mind:

Step #1:

Find a comfortable position without distractions. This is your time so find somewhere that makes you feel most at ease. Sit either on a chair with your feet touching the ground (if indoors) or sit cross-legged on the ground with a straight back (if outdoors). Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Begin with feeling your feet, not thinking about your feet but feeling them.

detox your mind

Step #3

When your mind wonders, stay calm. Often when we sit to just be, the mind races into over drive and begins remembering important things that must be acted on immediately – ‘don’t forget to confirm wax appointment ‘ or ‘Am I prepared for the meeting at 3pm?’ Allow these thoughts to enter your mind, thank yourself for the reminder, and then focus again on your body. This is not easy to do and takes practice and patience to really master.

detox your mind
detox your mind

Step #2

Transform the feeling to the rest of your body. Now that you have felt your feet, move this feeling up your body until your reach your head. Make sure you are taking a few deep breaths at each section of your body as this helps you feel instead of think. Try not to concentrate on the sound of your breathing, allow this to become a natural part of the detox process.

detox your mind

Step #4

Repeat the detox daily. The more you practice, the easier it becomes and the more beneficial it is for your mind. Try using this when you are feeling under pressure or anxious about an upcoming event. As you become stronger at controlling the wayward thoughts of the mind, try sitting for longer than five minutes.



Give your mind and body the best opportunity to perform at its peak every day. Try to detox your mind for just five minutes every day and start to see the benefits. I have been trying to detox my mind for a couple of weeks now and it is harder than I thought. I get distracted very easily and my mind struggles to focus on nothing.

Do you spend time every day to just be?

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